August 12, 2011

Life is full of uncertainties, but abounds with blessings

"In this life ye shall have tribulations." Never has this seemed more true than now. It seems they are all around. Were it not for faith in my Maker that He holds all things in His hands and by Him all things are done, life would definitely feel full of despair. The other night I was watching a very impressive light show on my way home from an event, and was amazed at the fierce lightning. Our lives can be like that at times. Surrounded by the flashes and booms of lightning and thunder. Lightning dancing all around, and at any moment feel as though we could be struck down. Yet in the midst of all that God shields us from danger in the same way a mother hen shields her chicks under the shelter of her wings. The songwriter once wrote "Life is a tangle of toil and care; doubts and dark fears so hard to bear", and life has certainly been that way for a while. It seems there are fears all around whether it be economy, political implications, children, weather, and just plain life circumstances. When we focus on those fears, though, is when the despair comes and takes our joy. Focusing on those fears is the same as removing our focus from God. So if we just turn our heads away and seek His face, peace will reign in our souls while the winds howl and the lightning flashes. Then in the midst of the storm we can hear Him softly whisper "Peace be still". Whether it be for our spirits or the storms around us, there will be peace when those words are spoken.