February 02, 2010

Winter weather...again!

What a winter it has been here this year! We normally only get one good snowfall with ice each winter, and by good snowfall I mean 2 or 3 inches. This year we had a Christmas Eve blizzard with 4 foot drifts of snow and then this last week we had an ice storm with about 1/2 inch or so of ice that was then covered in around 6 inches of snow. It's been amazing, and so much fun. I love the snow and it's one of my favorite things to look forward to every winter. This year it has made me a bit nostalgic, though. Both of my Grandparents have passed over Jordan into their heavenly home of rest and I miss them very much. The winter time seems to make me more nostalgic for them, though. We used to always play in the snow when we were at their house, and then would come in and warm our feet on the floor vents while hot chocolate and popcorn were fixed for us. For some reason that one small thing always sticks in my mind during the winter months, and still remains one of my favorite memories of winter. I hope we always remember that sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impressions. I'll share a few of the snow pictures with you from the last two winter storms. Enjoy!

These are some of the snow drifts from the Christmas Eve blizzard. That's a four-foot fence there.

Random bird. LOL

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