November 03, 2010

Teaching Thankfulness

Well, once again it's almost Thanksgiving.  How in the world it gets here so quick every year, I really don't know.  I love this time of year because it reminds us to focus on the things that matter in life.  while we shouldn't need to be reminded of this, it is something we all too often forget to do.  Life is just like that.  Run here. Run there.  Get through this day and that and all the tasks that come with it.  It's a tangle of toil and care as the songwriter puts it. So we come up on this season of Thanksgiving and we stop and pause and reflect on all the blessings and joys we have in our lives.  As adults it's much easier to recognize these things, but a child must be taught to look outside themselves and see what's around them and the things that are important in life.  I have been dealing with this lately--trying to teach a child to be thankful and not so gimme. The internet is a powerful tool for research and I've come across some things that came together to this fun little project for us to do.

open beak--yes, that's his tongue :D

side view

Front--he turned out really cute!
This little turkey is made from a vegetable can covered in cardstock.  He was made with paper punches and was really pretty easy to do.  His feathers will be added to the can as we each pause and write something each day we are thankful for or a blessing in our lives on a feather and put them in the can.

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