April 23, 2009

Oh my! it's been a long time since I've really done much creatively. Well, I have feeling that's about to change. The mojo is coming back!!!! I've sat down several times over the last couple of weeks to make something and nothing seemed to come to mind or to flow together. But, never fear, it's coming back. I feel it bubbling it's way to the surface, and, no, it's not gas! :D

It's been a slow month around here, and you would think that I could have accomplished alot. Well, it just didn't happen. Between being sick and too many yesses said over the course of the last year, my batteries are almost dead. Seriously. I've begun to learn to say no to people, slowly, and the charge meter is gradually increasing. Sometimes it's hard to believe just how hard I have to fall before I can truly learn a lesson. Been that way my whole life. I've always had to do and learn everything the absolute hardest way possible.

So over the course of the summer when a lot more of my responsibilities will be fulfilled and finished, I can honestly say life may find yet another version of normal for me--hopefully at a slower pace. Thanks to all my friends and family who have put up with me throughout this last year, and I offer my apologies to those who have been neglected in some form or fashion. That was certainly never the intention. I just kind of lost sight of my true goal and focus for a while.

But for now, as the poet said, "I've got promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep."

May the Lord above continue to bless each of you is my prayer for you.

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