October 18, 2010

Life is all about changes

Wow what a summer and fall it has been for us here.  Life is so unpredictable sometimes and takes corners and turns we never expect.  I haven't been stamping much at all all summer and fall because of life changes.  We took a huge step out on faith and sold our house this summer.  What's so odd about that?  We did not have another to move into right away. My ever so wonderful and gracious in-laws have given us some space in their house until we can close on a house. This whole change has been a very difficult and rewarding change in our lives.  Never before in my life have I had to rely totally and completely on faith in God to see us through. This is a first, and for someone who doesn't like change and unpredictability, well, you can imagine how it's been. We are in the process of trying to buy a house, but it's been a very frustrating and trying time to buy this particular house. So we are still unsure of the future at this point, but trusting in God to see us through and show us the way.

I believe every circumstance in life has something to learn from it.  In this one we have found a level of patience and trust in God we never knew we are capable of having.  We have had to work harder at making special times for our family and have been rewarded in doing so. And this city girl has found a newfound love for the country. The country has always been something I love--nature, animals, trees, plants, ponds, all of it.  However, it was not something I thought I could handle living in day after day.  Well, that is certainly something that has changed. I love life here in the country--the ever changing scenery, the unpredictability of what animals and things you will see. Until now, many things I have only read about or seen in zoos.  I have witnessed first hand the birth of a calf, and all I can say is completely amazing.  For those used to country living the sight of an owl or a skunk is probably old-hash, but was really awesome to me.  Until the last couple of months, the only owl I've ever seen was in a zoo, and the only skunk was a dead one on the side of the road.

Yes, I have found a truly amazing and inspiring life here.  My camera has never had so many things to take pictures of (hehe)!

I will certainly try to post more often to my blog even if it's only a blog entry and not a creative endeavor.  Stamping is something I remain passionate about, but space is very limited as well as time these days. I will post what I can when I am able, though. When I am able to do so, you will also be seeing more of my photos and thoughts inspired by them.

Who knows if anyone really reads this blog, but it's just fun and therapeutic to post these things for those who might be inspired by them.  Thanks to all who follow and read along.

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