October 24, 2010

well, it appears I can't upload cards now for some reason.  It's probably my current internet connection.  So I'll continue to ramble for you...

 It's hard to believe how dramatically life can change in such a short time.  Last spring was a beginning on a new journey in life. When we put our house on the market, we never dreamed it would sell as fast as it did.  The whirlwind that followed felt at times like being caught up in a tornado--swirled, pushed and pulled in every direction imaginable while trying to maintain our bearings as well. This journey has been one of blind faith and complete trust in God.  Though I fear I fail the test daily, I still feel his pull, push or occasional shove down a path that lead to an unknown destination.  Fortunately for us God knows where this journey is taking us. We've had a lot of questions, doubts, fears as well as some tears and sleepless nights of wonder and worry.  Those things were a lack of faith.  So when we trusted and believed that God has a plan, we found a whole lot of peace and comfort in knowing that an all powerful and mighty God is in control of every situation of life and this one is no exception. The path we are following has taken us away from our home and comfort zone to a temporary dwelling and an unknown future.  We know, however, that the future is not ours to know, but to follow and trust that the situations of life will bring us blessings, and a closeness to God and each other. 

Living a life of limbo makes it a bit difficult when you are a person who likes to plan and predict and work towards an event.  I took a photo recently that really expresses what we are feeling right now.  It was a very foggy morning.  When I went out, I could make out a tree in the near distance, and only the tops of trees just behind it.  Everything else beyond that was in a totally blind cloud of fog.  That so describes the way I'm feeling right now.  The good news is that eventually the sun came out and burned away the fog so the distance was revealed.  Quite a lesson there.

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