February 08, 2011

Favorite things...

One of my favorite movies is the Sound of Music and that song about her favorite things. When we really stop and think about it, our favorite things really aren't things at all.  Rather they are moments, sights, sounds, smells, nothing we can really put our hands on. So I got to thinking about this some.  Here are some of my favorite things...

Puppies because, well, who doesn't love them. But more specifically their curiosity and energy about life. The feel of their soft hair and the smell of their sweet breath. I could live without the destructive side of puppies, but I digress.

A child sleeping. They are so peaceful and look so innocent and calm. I just want to scoop them up and hold them while they sleep to absorb some of their peace and contentment. It must lower the blood pressure a few points to hold or watch a sleeping child.

The sound of falling snow. yes, it is a sound. It's a peaceful quiet that's like no other.

Voices raised in singing God's praise is a melody all its own. It's beautiful without other instruments.

Children singing. I love to hear a child sing. They are so honest in their song and uninhibited.

The smell of paper in a book; the feel of a rubber stamp in my hand; the uninhibited love of a child; the love of my husband who puts up with a whole lot from me; the smell of fresh cut grass. Anything about nature is amazing to me. There are just so many of my favorite things that I could go on and on.  Like the song says, when things are a little uncertain, just remember your favorite things. Even better, remember that God gave you your favorite things and thank Him for them.

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