November 10, 2008

Santa Baby...

Santa's Bag is here!

These bags were for a local event we had here called Diva Day. It's basically a full day of creating Christmas themed projects and gifts. Lots of fun! So my upline a couple of levels up asked me if I could help her out and get these bags done for her customers and another demonstrator's customers. These were really a lot of fun to do--if you only had about 15 or so. LOL. I ended up with 46!!! Of course, as determined as I am, I decided I could do them all by myself. After about the 300th or more punch and all the paper trimming, I finally called in the cavalry and a friend, whom I appreciate very much, came over and helped me get them all finished. I'd still be sitting here working on those if it weren't for her. Love you! Aren't they cute?

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